Can I book lunch International games at Twickenham? We have limited spaces for lunch in our dining room, it a fixed price 3 course menu. Alternatively there will be a BBQ running er food option on game days.

Can I book to watch the other six nation game days? We will be showing all the other six Nation games and would love you to joing us for food and watch the game. (Excluding the days when England are playing at Twickenham)

Are you close to the Stadium? We are a 15 minute walk to the ground.

Are you close near Twickenham Train Station? When leaving the station if you look straight over the bridge you can see the pub. It is a short 3 minute walk. turn left and the take the stairs which will bring you under the bridge and to us.

Do you have parking? Sorry we have no onsite parking.

Do you take Credit cards? Yes we take Visa/Mastercard/Amex/switch debit & credit cards. We strongly recommend that you bring cash (Cash is king and quicker!)

Do you have contactless machines? Yes

Do you have a cash machine in the pub/give cashback? We do not have a cash machine on the premises or offer a cash back facility. We recommend that you access a cash machine before you get to the Twickenham area.

What Cask Ales do you serve? We are working with Shepherd Neame to provide Spitfire 4.2% & Whitstable bay pale ale 3.9% we also usually have a ale from Twickenham Fine Ales as well

What other products do you have on Draught? Lager – Oranjeboom 3.9%, Whitstable Blonde Premium Lager 4.5%, Asahi 5.0% Sam Adams Boston Lager 4.8%   Cider- Thatchers Gold Somerset Cider 4.8% Aspalls Suffolk Cyder 5.5%  last but not least of Stout-Guinness 4.1%

How quickly will I get served? We hope that you do not have to wait too long at our bars, we try to be as quick as possible without pre- pouring or limiting the range of products that we offer. The Albany Team do try and serve people in the order they arrive at the bar. We appreciate your patience, and also appreciate if you are aware of who was at the bar before you. (being rude to the Team or other customers will not result in being served quicker)

Can I get my drink in a glass? No it’s Only Plastics on Game days – not amount of asking or badgering the staff will change this. The only exception if you have a sitdown meal booked and are physically sitting at the table.

Do you sell Guinness? Yes, Please when ordering at the bar please ask for it first. Ordering it last will probably mean you are at the bar longer than necsassary.

(While we’re on ordering it helps us serve you quicker if you know what you want when you come to the bar, order the same drinks together. eg. 2xGuinness, 1xlager 3xGin & tonics   Not “eeeerrrrr can I have a fosters, wait what ales do you do ummmmmm can i have a gin & tonic, a lager, a gin & tonic, a guinness, Oh now I need another Gin & tonic etc …….”

Are Children allowed? Yes children are welcome at the Albany we do recommend that you avoid bring v.small children as it can get very busy on a rugby day. We also request that you do not bring Pushchair/prams with you into the Pub on rugby days