Dry January

Trying to cut down/out Alcohol this January, we have a great range of products to help you through the month.

Dry & Driving

Brew Dog  Punk AF IPA 330ml

It’s Punk, All the Attitude, All the Flavour, None of the alcohol.  £4.30


Becks Blue Pilsner Lager 275ml

Brewed to conform to German Beer Purity rules & then breaks them by leaving out the booze £3.70

Koppenburg Strawberry & Lime Cider 500ml

Combining Fresh Strawberries and a twist of Lime, brings summer to the gloom of January £4.75


Real Kombucha Royal Flush 330ml

A Prosecco alternative, with Subtle notes of Rhubarb & White peach with a delicate fizz


Ceder Alt-Gin 25ml

Classic Gin & South African Botanicals Distilled with Swedish Water creates a beautiful non-alcoholic spirit £3.50 combine with your Favourite Tonic. *Babs Suggests Mediterranean Fever Tree £1.90


Mango Tree Fizz

Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, Mango Puree & Fresh Lime £4.20

The Albany Virgin Mary

Babs’s Best Virgin Mary Mix, a Perfect Pick me up with a Kick £4.20


Mint, Lime, Sugar, Apple Juice & Soda makes a refreshing sip £4.20


                              Low Alcohol                                         

Sloe Gin 25ml w/ Rhubarb & Hibiscus Tonic & (Low alcohol 0.7 units)

Try Something a bit different this Jan, this blend of flavours is hits the spot £4.70

White Port 25ml w/ Fever Tree Lemon Tonic  (Low Alcohol 0.5 units)

Going to be the drink of the summer, so make it your favourite early £4.50

Martini Bianco 50ml/ Fresh Lime & Soda (Low Alcohol .75 units)

With vanilla flowers at the heart of this fortified wine makes it interesting Low Alc alternative to a Spritzer £4.20